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Aaron & Genie

I have failed in love relationships, betrayed family and friends; and know the pain and agony it can cause. I also know the bliss and joy a good relationship can “sign, seal and deliver.” Genie and I work towards that end now a day at a time. We are slow to anger and realize there is nothing more precious in life than a relationship filled with love and peace. We regulate ourselves by keeping the most important things in focus; Our love, our family and our friends; who are all synonymous in the one word; love. We both are college educated…and street wise! We equally share our thoughts and feelings on everything. Therefore we realize there is a lot more to share. But please understand we do not desire to give divine revelation! We offer ideas to re-enforce the process to improve relationships. The truth is, you already know what that is about! It’s about keeping actions consistent with “words” spoken; and the vows made.  Which require a system, a pattern…a design.  A word in time can make a big difference when it hits directly to the point rather than just around it.

I have read many books and counseled with countless therapists. Even called on God a number of times for relief from heart ache(s) and inevitable destruction. Eventually it began to come together for me. Now I want to share these tips and thoughts with you on how you can improve on your relationships; even if they already are good. A great man once said, “If I can help someone with a word or song, then my living will not have been in vain.”  (Dr. M.L. King Jr.) I agree with him.

We are regularly updating the web site so there is much to be expected.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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The symbol represents the royal nature of love;

love’s indelible truth and

the multi-facets love brings to life.