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There has been several occurrences of mass murder in the United States. This blog will mention one little known instance of such an occurrence.

Men and women of all ethnic groups have died in the numbers at the hand of other citizens. But I doubt any ethnic group has lost as many loved ones as the African-American Blacks. Most everyone know about the lynchings and the bombing of schools. But how many Americans know of the tragic massacre that occurred in Elaine, Arkansas in 1919? Over 200 African Americans slaughtered! Why? Because as share croppers they wanted to form a union. Approximately 600 to 1000 opposing vigilantes ascended upon this small town in the guise of a posse; using deadly force, until the governor intervened with a militia. That’s not the end of the story.

There were five white men who also died. It is not stated whether they were killed by the “victims” of the massacre, or if they somehow got between their own “friendly fire.” Still not at the end of the story.
Twelve African Americans were sentenced to death row as a result of this melee. There were no whites tried in any court however,  for participation in this slaughter.
Whoa! I didn’t know any of this until today. Finally, what floors me about this whole story, aside from what already is shocking about it, is that the town at the time was 9 to 1 African American. So when did they forget all of this and turn to black-on-black crime?!!! It’s time to stop the killing and dying and start the living and preserving.  Check out the news account below.

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