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48 Democratic Senators, not one has a black person as chief of staff or communications director.

Every United States senator has a chief of staff. Guess how many of those are black? Two! And both of them are Republicans! Each U.S. senator has a communications director; only one is black, and he also works for a Republican.

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Psychiatrists Sound Alarm: Trump Deteriorating By the Day. We Are All In Danger.

Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee: “What we’re seeing is someone mentally falling apart. This is what we mean when someone is coming unglued or unhinged. With stress, they will be less able to tell apart what is real from what is unreal, become more bizarre and, in the case of Mr. Trump, will likely become violent. He will have thoughts and reasoning that will be hard for us to follow because he is pulled more by his internal processes, what’s going on in his head, be they fantasies, conspiracy theories or imaginary threats than what is going on in the real world.”

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