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Crown Points of A Relationship

Love Through Eternity:

The Commitment



Aaron B. Woods

The First Crown Point 

For the king and queen desiring of a lasting relationship, the Love Through Eternity theme offered the “five points of the crown” series. We began by considering the importance of honesty in a relationship. Honesty is the foundation where-upon the relationship is built. Hence the more honesty equally shared, the more solid the relationship will grow. It will not wither during a drought of perfect harmony; nor will it tumble during a storm of discord when neither partner is able to have things go their way—or when either is temperamental. That condition requires negotiation and produces, for both, a new school of thought.

The Second Crown Point

As a rule it is presumed there is a potential for turbulence to inhabit the path of all relationships, it is therefore diligent response to continually strengthen the relationship. The second crown point of truth does just that. However the resilient quality of truth cause it to be the toughest to master during practical application. Simply put, it is not easy to be truthful all the time. But it is possible! The reward for such an achievement is a foundation stronger than the rock of Gibraltar.

The Third Crown Point

And with the foundation of the relationship strong enough to withstand any calamity life may present, the third crown point sets the course, and establishes the path, you jointly decide you want your relationship to traverse. The third crown point of trust accomplishes this ambition. Though every kiss begins with “k” and has a degree of affection attached, it does not per se connote infidelity. Only a kiss intended for romantic affection to other than the mate can effectuate this breach of trust; unless of course, it is decided the relationship is open.

The Fourth Crown Point

Subsequently, it is utmost significant that the mate chosen is the best mate for you. When you are of like minds and kindred in spirit you know your mate is right for you. And the fourth crown point of devotion is embraced. By not having doubt or reservation that your mate is right for you, you are able to look pass their imperfections and see their genuine true quality. In doing so you will have more of a tendency to feel what your mate feels and be less drawn to ridicule when you think, in the moment, that your mate has fallen short of your expectation. You will be more willing to extend a hand to your mate and work diligently with them through life’s difficult moments.

The Fifth Point of The Crown

You will cherish your mate and do everything you can to bring about and maintain their happiness; and you will not want that opportunity to ever end. That brings us to the fifth crown point of commitment; making the relationship everlasting. Commitment can be viewed in more than one light. For example, it can refer to the statement that one is not single and is involved with someone. Commitment can also refer to the degree of adjustment one is willing to make for the sake of the other. Like spending more time together and less time with the best friend(s). Overall, relationship commitment is a intellectual and a emotional allegiance one declares in words and in deeds to another.

Essentially the casting aside of old habits or old ways of doing things to make way for the establishment of new ways of accomplishing the same things engage. But sometimes your old ways work better and there will be a adjustment to the old ways for your mate. The major point here is that it is important to realize there is give and take in all relationships. The more prepared you are to give, the smoother the relationship will glide into a tranquil future. But do not misinterpret this statement of “being prepared to give”; It is not intended to imply that you must do all of the giving. Instead it is meant to prepare you from being strong willed to the point of unyielding, into a willingness to look at your position with a critical eye.

The Crown Jewel

Therefore have confidence that all things can be resolved by way of prayer and discussion. Prayer involves your meditation on the matter; and discussion is the presenting of—and the hearing of—points that are for and against the change. This modus operandi is successful when the five points of your relationship crown are bound together with the thread of communication. Communication is the single most important asset—the crown jewel-–your relationship will have.  And once established, your relationship will coast with anointment reserved only for the elite.

Crown Jewel

Communication: The activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information; Transmit information; Transmit thoughts or feelings; Be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas

First Crown Point

Honesty: To lay a foundation upon which the relationship will stand

Second Crown Point

Truth: To strengthen the foundation

Third Crown Point

Trust: To set the course and establish the direction for the relationship

Fourth Crown Point

Devotion: To eliminate choice uncertainty

Fifth Crown Point

Commitment: To make the relationship everlasting

I hope you have found this series on the relationship crown points interesting and informative. Your comments are always welcome. Some of you who have emailed me—as opposed to writing your comment below—I thank you for seeking my opinion on your relationship issues. Please consider using the comment section below as there might be someone else wanting to know a response to the same issue. Don’t worry, I will only print your nickname and NEVER your contact information. I will NOT do that even if you request that I do so. That is our policy here. You can also share something that is going good with your relationship that you would like to share with others. What ever you have dealing with relationships we are interested. Write on!

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