Sanders On General Kelly Remark

This is a MUST read for an understanding of what the Appeal of Obama care, the Trump Tax Bill, and covert Racist disposition of the Trump White House. Get comfortable. Get a cup of coffee. Get your reading glasses. Click on the link below and learn what Sarah Huckabee Sanders was saying in her White House Press Conference when defending the comment of General Kelly remarks on the Confederate General Lee.

White House mouthpiece Huckabee Sanders forced to back track covering up her accidental gaff of admitting that the Trump regime and Kelly against the Constitution put the military above citizen control and for smearing an AA congresswoman for speaking out

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Love Thru Eternity: HONESTY


HONESTY: The first crown point.

An animated video series reflecting the six crown points every King has learned from; or taught them to; his Queen for that lasting love thru eternity.  Read more on the Editorial Page.

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